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An intellectual neurotic and over-thinker, Stewbie is under constant self-inflicted stress and anxiety. When the most minute thing starts to bothers him, he has no choice but to forego his laziness and do something about it. Stewbie looks at the “cup” as neither half full nor half empty. Just empty.


G-Bone is the star athlete and team captain on all of Boring High’s sports teams. He is the most popular guy in school and yet he is friends with Stewbie. Perhaps it is because G-Bone finds Stewbie’s outlook on life to be contrary to his own, and thus, entertaining. Friendship matters more to G-Bone than any athletic accolade.


Red has a very optimistic outlook on life. Part of that comes from his naiveté and his simplistic nature. He is able to find the positive in every negative situation, which seem to come by the truckload due to his affiliation with Stewbie. Red is also a loyal friend eager to please, sometimes leading to his being taken advantage of.


The poster-boy for insecurity, Shmitty is unable to form an opinion of his own. His decisions are swayed by popular opinion and mass appeal. At the same time, Shmitty is somehow able to muster a wealth of overconfidence that is in constant flux with his uncertainty.


Craigler is an eccentric genius in the body of a skateboarding high school student. A free-thinking individual, Craigler rarely gets good grades, challenges authority, and acts on impulse. Aside from his friends, most of the school is unaware of the fact that Craigler is quite possibly the single smartest student in attendance.

Smanders:A deceiving friend of the group, Smanders sometimes is at odds with Craigler.

Mandy:Mandy is the most popular girl at Boring High thus she wants nothing to do with anyone but G-Bone.

Billy James:The ghost of a fifties greaser, Billy James lives in Red’s locker.

Chip:Chip is Stewbie’s exact opposite and mortal enemy. He’s intensely happy, almost to a fault, and completely satisfied with the little things in life.

Coach Mueller:Coach Mueller suffers from short-term memory loss causing him to mix up the various sports in which he coaches.

Häns Gäddam:Häns is a world-renowned fashion designer and creator of Gäddam Jeans™.

(Unknown):Stewbie is infatuated with this girl and believes the two of them to be soul mates. If only he knew her name…

Lin-Z:Mandy’s only friend, Lin-Z is very friendly and insecure. She masks this insecurity by being overly polite, even to those she doesn’t care for (which is everybody).

Mr. Brown:Mr. Brown is the English teacher at Boring High with a short fuse.

Nurse Madison:The quintessential “hot nurse,” most of the male students create various afflictions that might place them in her office.

Phillard Von Misenheimer:An exchange student from a little country called Beatlemania, Phillard lets his fist do the talking and is required to wear boxing gloves while at school to protect the other students.

Principal Steve:Principal Steve thinks of himself as “hip” and “with it” all the while further distancing himself from the student body by trying to fit in instead of doing his job.

Raven:A model for literally his entire life, Raven has a very high opinion of himself and even talks in the third person.

Mr. Shmiley:The teacher who doesn’t care. Every school’s got one and Boring High has Mr. Shmiley. Having given up on all of his childhood dreams, he now teaches the Ceramics class.

Trim Beardsly:Trim is the Head Beard for an organization called The Beardsmen of the Church of Folicology devoted to trading shaving for productivity.