By Keith G. Walker

This publication provides for the 1st time a historical past of Eretria throughout the Archaic period, the city's such a lot amazing interval of political value and Keith Walker examines all of the significant components of the city's success.

One of the major components explored is Eretria's function as a pioneer coloniser in either the Levant and the West - its early Aegaen 'island empire' anticipates that of Athens by way of greater than a century, and Eretrian delivery and exchange was once equally widespread.

Eretria's significant, certainly dominant, function within the occasions of primary Greece within the final 1/2 the 6th century, and within the occasions of the Ionian rebel to 490 is obviously tested, and the tyranny of Diagoras (c.538-509), probably the golden age of the town, is totally examined.

Full documentation of literary, epigraphic and archaeological assets (most of which has formerly been inaccessible to an English speaking-audience) is equipped, making a interesting heritage and invaluable source for the Greek historian.

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