By Brian Jacques

Acclaimed myth author Brian Jacques back welcomes readers to the mind-blowing global of Redwall. 

Enslaved via the evil ferret King Agarno and his daughter, Princess Kurda, the courageous squirrelmaid Triss, in addition to Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog, plans a bold break out through sea. In her flights, Triss occurs upon Redwall, and the abbey creatures find a new hero in her. a person courageous sufficient to hold the sword of Martin and face the evil that threatens them.

"Scrumptious feasts, rollicking humor, swashbuckling heroes, devoted buddies, and treacherous villains magically mix via 3 intertwined action-packed plots into one unforgettable, spellbinding story." --VOYA

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Burgogg belched back. “No, enny’ow, who wishes manners? I by no means begged nobeast’s pardon in me lifestyles. permit ’em move an’ pardon theirselves! ” He giggled. “I imagine we must always remain ’ere ferever. these daft fishes ’ave been swimmin’ correct as much as us on the grounds that we been in this spot. lots o’ pears, too. outdated Kligger cherished a pear, y’know, very keen on pears ’e used to be. Yowch! ” Wicky swished a willow withe again for an additional stroke. “Wot’ve I informed yer, eh? close yer gob approximately Kligger, d’yew ’ear me, shuttit! yet another observe approximately Kligg—” Skipper’s sling was once round Wicky’s neck like a strangling noose. Log a Log bounded frivolously down onto the financial institution and placed the top of his rapier opposed to Burgogg’s nostril. The helpless stoat wailed miserably. “We wasn’t trackin’ nobeast! We used to be goin’ to damage camp an’ retain goin’ north, wasn’t we, Wicky? ” attempting to ease the sling round his neck, Wicky gasped, “Burgogg’s correct, we wasn’t doin’ ’arm to anybeast, sir. You ain’t bought no cause ter slay us! ” Skipper loosened the noose a marginally and growled, “Two issues can retailer yore lives, vermin. One, where’s yore mate long past to? there has been 3 of ye. An’ , wot have been ye runnin’ from? communicate, or die! ” He tightened the sling back. Wicky yelled in a hoarse voice, “Awright, awright, I’ll inform yer if’n yew allow me breathe! ” Skipper slacked the sling off. “Now speak. . . . quick! ” Wicky massaged his neck and commenced conversing, his voice a low whisper. His eyes darted backward and forward, as though anticipating a few poor factor to come back bounding out of the woodlands at him. “It was once after yew allow us to pass yisterday. We staggered alongside speedy as shall we wid our paws certain t’gether. after we couldn’t run not more, we stumbled on a quiet liddle spot to sit down an’ chew in the course of the ropes wid our tooth. Ole Kligger went off, foragin’ fer vittles, an’ i discovered a pair o’ cloaks an’ a few lantings. I inform ye, notwithstanding, there has been an lousy scent around that glade, a frightenin’ odor. It used to be like . . . like demise an’ rottin’ issues, yet sickly candy. . . . ” Wicky hugged himself and shuddered. Skipper prodded him. “Go on, vermin, spit it out! ” Burgogg blurted out as though he couldn't regulate himself. “Wicky wuz goin’ ter provide Kligger a cloak an’ a lanting. Then we ’eard the pore beast screamin’. I’ve ’eard plenty o’ creatures scream afore, yet none like that, sir. None! So we dashed around ter see wot difficulty our mate was once in. It was once worse’n a nightmare, I inform ye! there has been this large fats ole oak tree, see, wid a liddle door in it, an’ the door used to be open, an’, an’ . . . ugghh, it was once ’orrible! ” Hugging himself, he closed his eyes and mouth tightly. It used to be visible that he wouldn't speak additional. Log a Log gave Skipper a short wink. Leaning throughout, he unwound the sling from Wicky’s throat and patted him sympathetically. “Come on now, me previous mate. we wish to allow you to pass, yet ye needs to let us know first. What did you spot within that tree door? Wot ’appened to yore pore shipmate? ” Wicky sat wide-eyed, staring immediately forward, as though he may see the sight basically in entrance of him. “It used to be a 3- ’eaded dragon, hissin’ an’ makin’ noises love it was once fightin’ wid itself.

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